Girl News

  • Girls and the Future

    The first line of this content unit is going to be "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" which is obviously the zeroes-and-ones-style code that will create, narrate, and regulate the future.

  • Girls and Christmas

    Even if you are on the up with your family it's still a days-long feelings rumble, with too-convenient avenues for emotional eating and buried-alive amounts of useless television.

  • Girls and Parties

    "Partying" as a verb and concept makes me uncomfortable until I'm doing it.

  • Girls and Sadness

    I'm a happy, posi homie, but once in a while, like now, I get stoked on being sad.

  • What Girls Want

    OOPSIE. Wrote this last week in the disgusting spirit of Black Friday, because I forgot about Thanksgiving. But it's not like we can't still get hard into what we want, as opposed to what we need.

  • Girls and Holidays

    Let's talk VACAY, as I'm readying to go away for months and months (eat my shorts!) to Los Angeles, primarily to flee the wintry hellmouth that is Toronto between January 12 and summer.

  • Girls and the Internet

    Contrary to popular belief, girls are actually better at the internet than boys.

  • Girls and Growing Up

    You have to throw out those busted, worn-down flats with a hole and you have to throw out that fucking Jansport with the Gwen Stefani print and you have to get some functional, grown-ass life things.

  • Girl News - Girls and Gross Stuff

    If anything is in flux about girls, and who girls are and are allowed to be in the world (if we care?), it's our relationship to gross stuff.

  • Girls and Makeup

    It's not about boys.

  • Girls and Girlfriends

    Yes, it's really true that girls give each other a hard time for existing, because we are each the CEO of our own complicated, beautiful, diseased empires, and that can get competitive.

  • Girls and Boyfriends

    I am dubious about those lists of guys you "should" date before you "get married" or what have you.