hog jowl

  • Eat It: Crispy, Fatty Confit Pork Jowl

    You'll want to drag your ass down to the butcher early for this one. Get up close and personal with your meat man and splurge on a fine piece of well-raised pig cheek to slow-cook in warm fat for a stupidly decadent dinner.

  • Confit Pork Jowl

    Crispy, fatty pork jowl salad, tossed with brussel sprouts packed with Asian flavors.

  • How-To: Confit Pork Jowl with Lee Tiernan

    Introducing your new favorite drinking food snack, courtesy of British chef Lee Tiernan: fried shrimp-encrusted pig jowl confit topped with a crunchy sprout and radish salad. You're welcome.