• A New Zealand Prison Is Giving Inmates Phones and Computers

    South Auckland's brand new Kohuora Prison has a phone and computer in every cell and a bunch of people aren't happy about that.

  • Meat Marketers Want to Sell You on Humane Slaughter

    As conscious consumers are opting for humanely raised meats, butcher shops and restaurants are now taking the next step in telling people that their meat is humanely slaughtered.

  • Soul Food: Halal

    Dawn sets out to uncover what’s so hot about Halal. She finds delectable delicacies at The Halal Guys food cart and an intimate family dinner, learns about the relationship between food and religion, and visits a Halal slaughterhouse.

  • Hairy, Feral Pigs Produce the Most Delicious Meat

    I became a bit of a pig geek a few years ago and fell in love with Mangalitsas—the hairy, semi-feral kind that are tough as nails and produce red meat similar to beef. After I built them a woodland "pigtopia," I quickly realized that they're the most...

  • Has New Zealand's Milk Gone Bad?

    "Most calves are born too early, because in NZ there’s a process called calf induction. That's when veterinarians inject the cows to abort their fetuses so the farmers can start milking the animal earlier, which is a brutal practice. And the...