• Hunting Reindeer Involves Jingle Bells and Arctic Temperatures

    I went hunting with the indigenous reindeer herding people, Sami, who are facing a very present struggle with climate change and the Norwegian government.

  • Ice Fishing Is Amazing, If You Can Stand the Frostbite

    Despite freezing temperatures, frostbitten fingers, labyrinths of fishing lines, and sex-toy-like fishing gadgets, ice fishing is surprisingly rewarding—even before you catch your first fish.

  • I Went Hunting for a Partridge in a Tree

    The traditional Lac St-Jean tourtière is a succulent combination of potatoes and game (usually a mix of hare, partridge, and moose) baked into a rich, savory pie. And the best way to find your filling is by hunting it yourself.

  • How to Hunt for Frog Legs on a Golf Course

    Michelin-starred chef Iliana Regan seems like the kind of person who’d spend a Sunday evening catching up on Stranger Things, not out stabbing frogs. But she showed me how to hunt and kill some amphibians on a golf course.

  • Edible Weeds Are the New Edible Flowers

    The heirloom tomatoes at HausBar Farms are delicious, but the main draw for Austin's most forward-thinking chefs are the tasty weeds that would be discarded anywhere else.

  • I Went Barefoot Foraging by the Bavarian Alps

    I joined part-time forager Christiane Viehweger on a walk through the woods to gather wild garlic and dozens of other edible plants.