Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø

  • How to Drink Beer This Summer and Not Look Like a Total Idiot

    Summer demands the boozy escape that a tropical cocktail can provide, but we also know that beer has its place on the beach, too.

  • Whale Balls Don't Belong in Beer

    In early March, I flew into Reykjavík with my friends from Connecticut's Two Roads Brewing Co. to make an Icelandic beer. I quickly learned that fermented shark meat does not belong in beer, and that hot springs should be avoided altogether.

  • A Tribute to Michael Jackson on the Other Michael Jackson's Birthday

    Today is the King of Pop's birthday, so it’s only fitting to pay tribute to the other Michael Jackson, the King of Beer (writers). In case you have no idea who we're talking about, he's the dude who influenced your base knowledge—or your local bar's...

  • The Walter White of Beer

    Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, a Danish chemistry teacher, ended up founding one of the world's most acclaimed microbreweries, Mikkeller. Now, he's running a budding international beer empire that's much better than meth.