Johnny Knoxville

  • Bam Margeras liv gør mig bange for at dø

    Bam Margeras seneste tur på reality-tv viser, hvordan tabet af en god ven har ført til alkoholmisbrug og ændret Jackass-stjernen for stedse.

  • Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon Meets Michael Shannon as Elvis

    Their upcoming film 'Elvis and Nixon' looks ridiculous and amazing.

  • The Lost Tapes 3

    The spring of 2000 was a different time. It was an age of innocence before George W. Bush destroyed humanity and before one could watch pornography on a cell phone in an airplane bathroom to calm in-flight nerves.

  • Film Bloggers Have Better Lives Than You

    Recently someone got in touch to see if I wanted to fly with Johnny Knoxville on a private jet to Vegas and watch Bad Grandpa. I wound up not only sleeping in a hotel room based on the movie Flight of the Intruder, I saw the back of Ted...

  • 'Bad Grandpa' - Behind the Scenes

    We sent a crew to hang out with Johnny Knoxville and co. to see how they went about bamboozeling the general public while filming Bad Grandpa. They came back with some great footage and bruised scrotums—that little kid actor is a real...

  • The VICE Podcast - Johnny Knoxville Talks About 'Bad Grandpa'

    In Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa, Johnny Knoxville stars as the 86-year-old poon hound Irving Zisman. This week on the podcast, we speak to Johnny about the technical difficulties of filming pranks with hidden cameras and what it felt like to...