• The Artful Slaughter Begins with a Rub Behind the Ears

    Last weekend, I joined a bunch of chefs in Cornwall, England, at the behest of Tom Adams, Pitt Cue Co.'s owner and Mangalitsa lover to learn how to kill the Rolls Royce of pigs from the Austrian porcine authority, Christoph Wiesner.

  • Chef's Night Out: Pitt Cue Co.

    Chef and co-owner of London's magnificent barbecue restaurant, Pitt Cue Co., took us on a boozy, boisterous night out that involved burning chopping boards and the appearance of some incredibly questionable late-night television.

  • Hairy, Feral Pigs Produce the Most Delicious Meat

    I became a bit of a pig geek a few years ago and fell in love with Mangalitsas—the hairy, semi-feral kind that are tough as nails and produce red meat similar to beef. After I built them a woodland "pigtopia," I quickly realized that they're the most...