mark duffy

  • What the Hell Happened to Apple's Advertising?

    Last week marked the 30th anniversary of “1984,” the Orwellian commercial that introduced the Mac computer to the world. It started the grand American tradition of spending staggering amounts of money on Super Bowl ads, a custom that will be carried on...

  • A December Avalanche of Atrocious Ads, Branding, and Social Media

    Because marketing people are, as ever, desperately trying to justify their existence, they are loath to leave one annual budget dollar unspent. That mentality leads to a yearly December blizzard of hastily and stupidly conceived ideas, and this year’s...

  • Alabama Law Firm Courts Asian Demographic with 'Not Racist' Commercial

    Welcome to your weekly roundup of the worst in advertising, marketing, and social media “engagement.” This week’s indefensible local ad comes via the Alabama law firm McCutcheon & Hamner.