Moby Dick

  • Your Huge Cock Is Overrated

    Zane pulled me on to the bed, and we started making out. Seconds later, he was fingering me and panting in my ear. I began fumbling for his belt, and once I’d managed to pull off his pants and undies I recoiled, dumbstruck.

  • Utter Loneliness At 52 Hertz

    To the watcher’s eye, “Iceberg,” the white male orca recently sighted in waters off the coast of eastern Russia that's believed to be the first adult of its kind observed in the wild, conjures up the legendary brute of Ahab’s undoing. But all freak...

  • Quango - Is Ken Livingstone a Dead Whale?

    Andrew Gilligan may have sent his own personal Moby Dick to the big politics in the sky.