Off Hollywood

  • Off Hollywood - David Worth

    David Worth is a tough, blue-collar filmmaker whose work as both a cinematographer and director has helped boost the careers of some of Hollywood’s highest-caliber badasses like Clint Eastwood, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Cynthia Rothrock. I sat him...

  • Off Hollywood - Denise Crosby

    Denise Crosby, the 'Star Trek' actor who made Tasha Yar legendary, continues to appear in films and on television as heroines in all sorts of universes. I met her recently at a Star Trek convention and, surprisingly, we hit it off. A month later I...

  • Off Hollywood - Jeanne Basone

    Not only did she wear fantastic outfits while smashing someone’s head against the turnbuckle in the ring, she put feminine stereotypes in a chokehold as well as Hollywood of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

  • Off Hollywood - Gabe Bartalos

    He invited me to his workshop, where horror and fine art collide—a place where Belial from "Basket Case" has been tossed in a closet next to prosthetic legs used in "Drawing Restraint." In other words, a paradise.

  • Off Hollywood - Steve Wang

    I was filed with new hope the minute I walked in the door of Steve Wang's practical effects workshop. No one was hunched over a computer, it reeked of epoxy, and people were working together on a number of elements with their bare hands. Steve is...

  • Off Hollywood - Sybil Danning

    The B-movie Queen has no problem wasting scum.