• Latest on VICE: The Best of 2015

    ​This year, we brought the wildest people and places to your screens with amazing documentaries released every week. Here's a look at the best of the best of 2015.

  • Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine - Part 87

    Last July, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 innocent people. VICE News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky traveled to the site of the crash to see how the investigation is going.

  • Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine

    On July 24, 14 bodies were exhumed from a burial site in Sloviansk. The victims were civilians, all of whom are believed to have been killed by pro-Russia separatists when they were occupying the area. According to Ukrainian officials, there are...

  • Exclusive Footage of MH17 Aftermath: Russian Roulette (Dispatch 60)

    Exclusive VICE News Footage of MH17 Aftermath and Ukrainian Military Reaction

  • Russian Roulette (Dispatch 56)

    VICE News goes hunting for separatists with a Ukrainian politician.

  • Russian Roulette: The Invasion of Ukraine

    The conflict in eastern Ukraine has not yet entered into all-out war, but the situation is becoming more fraught every day. Despite Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's call for a ceasefire, shelling has persisted in the rebel stronghold of Sloviansk.