Philadelphia 76ers

  • The NBA Has No Idea What to Do with Joel Embiid

    No longer held back by a minutes restriction or back-to-backs, the world's best center is showing all he's capable of. But how does he fit in a league that's increasingly decided on the perimeter?

  • Dario Šarić is a National Treasure

    In a one-on-one interview with VICE Sports, the 24-year-old cult hero discusses his role on the Croatian national team, LeBron's decision to spurn Philadelphia, how often he thinks about beating the Celtics, and more.

  • How Dražen Petrović Paved the Way for Dario Šarić

    In this episode of THE WAY WE BALL, we examine Dražen Petrović's legacy, and what it's meant for other European players like his countryman, Dario Šarić.