punk history

  • This Weekend's Fed Up Fest Proved Queercore's Not Dead

    As 24 queer bands blew eardrums in Chicago, the gathering served as a reminder of what made queercore so great in the first place.

  • ​Unearthing the Secret History of 'LA's Deadliest Punk Rock Gang'

    'Disco's Out... Murder's In!' explores the story of La Mirada Punks, a group of loosely-organized criminals who became known for slam pit stabbings, murders at punk shows, and tarnishing the music scene.

  • Pissing In The Wind

    Once upon a time, English punk meant violence, passion, political engagement and an old-fashioned approach to personal hygiene. It did not mean the guy from the Automatic, his iPhone app tie-in deal and the Krazy Tent Tour sponsored by Monster (or...