quarantine cooking

  • Gilgeori Toast (Korean Street Toast) Recipe

    This sweet and salty egg and cheese breakfast sandwich is loaded with crunchy cabbage and plenty of condiments, perfect for mornings when you’re on the go.

  • Jajangmyeon (Korean-Chinese Black Bean Noodles) Recipe

    Black bean paste and two cuts of pork create a sweet and savory sauce in this slurp-able Korean noodle bowl.

  • Tom Yum Noodle Soup Recipe

    Sweet, sour, savory, and spicy, this quick seafood soup hits all of the right notes.

  • Easy Focaccia Recipe

    This tangy and chewy focaccia is fermented, then baked with all of your favorite toppings, making for a bread that is as individual as you.

  • Dal Makhani Recipe

    This creamy dal leaves a luxurious texture on your tongue imparted by cream, butter, and soft beans. For an extra-rich flavor, top the dal with a few small dabs of salted butter before garnishing.

  • Beef Suqaar Recipe

    Roughly translated into Arabic, suqaar means “small ones” and is basically a quickly cooked mixture of small pieces of meat and vegetables. Think of this as a Somali stir-fry.

  • Spam Wontons Recipe

    The classic canned meat takes on a new role in these savory wontons that are doused in homemade chili oil.

  • Arroz Caldo Recipe

    Loaded with chicken and fresh ginger, this Filipino variation of congee makes for a perfect and hearty breakfast or a very filling dinner.

  • Potato Cakes Stuffed with Bean and Feta Paste Recipe

    These unusual yeast-leavened crispy potato cakes can be stuffed with either a salted herby curd cheese or a bean paste—or both, as they are here.

  • Mexican Pizza Recipe

    Your favorite fast food order taken off the menu? Don't sweat it, just make it at home with this simple recipe.

  • Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe

    Rich, gooey, chocolatey, and nutty, the way any good dessert should be.

  • Crispy Homemade Pizza Recipe

    The key to a crispy crust doesn't always require a pizza stone.