• Quiche Lorraine Recipe

    The classic French tart is perfected here with a flaky, buttery crust, crispy, rendered bacon, and nutty gruyere cheese.

  • Cakey Zucchini Frittata Recipe

    The addition of pancake mix adds a slight sweetness to this easy breakfast dish.

  • Pizza Rustica Recipe

    Also called Pizza Piena, Pizza Gain, or Pizza Chiena, you'll find this loaded pie at most Italian Easter meals.

  • Wild Garlic and Feta Quiche

    Make the pastry the day before and have breakfast (or a snack) ready in no time.

  • Hunter and Gatherer: Truffle Hunter

    Alana McGee of Truffle Dog Company shows us that gathering truffles is hard work—but the reward is making truffle ice cream and quiche with your bounty.

  • Food Hacks Are for Assholes

    Are we really such a feckless generation we can't get it together to use an oven? Have you ever actually tried to make a quiche in a mug? It's the kind of microwave abomination that wafts under your bedroom door and clings to your hair while you sleep.