serial comics

  • Stink Hair Stu Playing House

    Stink Hair Stu will do what it takes to keep the magic alive in his marriage.

  • Band for Life - Part 25

    Balancing between being in the weirdest rock band in the world and working as a nurse can be hard. How do you deal with your normal boyfriend wanting to see you play? What if he stops loving you?!

  • State Fair

    The Blobby Boys just want to pick up chicks at the fair, but no one wants to ride Ferris wheels with a slime monster.

  • Kristof's Etsy

    Kristof has been doing a great job expressing himself through art on his Etsy page, but no one is buying.

  • Detective Connifer Is Putting the Pieces Together

    There's a conspiracy in Flowertown, USA, and Detective Conifer is getting close to knowing the truth about Miss Juniper's panties. Also, what's the 40 Acres Club?

  • Band for Life - Part 23

    In this episode of Band for Life we learn about our characters' troubled and impoverished childhoods.

  • Part 12

    Flowertown, USA, is a paradise of lowest common denominators.

  • Payday

    The welfare money came in, so everyone's buying midnight candy bars.

  • Band for Life - Part 21

    This is Band For Life, a weekly comic in which weird aliens or possibly mutants or maybe just odd-looking people have a rock band together. In this installment, the band argues and tries to write a song and then argues some more.

  • Doofus Is Shipwrecked on a Desert Island

    Doofus is shipwrecked on a desert island with a crack team of survivalists. But what unique skills can he bring to the table?

  • Band for Life - Part 20

    In this latest episode of Band for Life, Zot is trying to keep his mind off his sick mom and Krang brought weed for everyone. AND Krang can finally keep a boner!

  • Airbnb

    Fashion Cat is struggling to still be a cool, young dude. That's not easy when it sucks to be a cool, young dude.