soup dumplings

  • Pork Soup Dumplings Recipe

    Light, clean, and packed with ginger–these aren't your average soup dumplings. Helen uses powdered gelatin to make her aspic, resulting in a much less greasy dumpling than you'd normally find of this variety.

  • This Is the Mathematical Formula for the Perfect Soup Dumpling

    After weighing and measuring xiaolong bao at 52 different restaurants, Christopher St. Cavish came up with a formula to categorise the dumplings' quality. I joined him in Shanghai to eat some “Class A” specimens.

  • A Visual Guide to Shanghai's Greatest Dumpling Hits

    Stop throwing around the word "dumpling" like a dummy and read this guide to the seven most common (and delicious) styles of bao and wonton that you'll find in Shanghai.

  • Chef's Night Out: Eddie Huang

    Chef Eddie Huang is tired of Americans eating Chinese food like hooligans, so on this tour of the best Asian restaurants in NYC he teaches us how to eat soup dumpling properly.