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  • Blackface Is Still a Thing in Quebec

    Blackface has a long, horrifying history as a racist art form. Even though it's almost 2015, white people in Canada still think it's okay to paint their skin and pretend to be a different race.

  • I Went to Montreal’s New Cat Café, on Shrooms

    I hate cats, so naturally it was a good idea for me to eat a bunch of magic fungus before going to a coffee shop full of felines at nine in the morning. It was fucking amazing.

  • The World Unicycling Championship Made Me Love Unicyclers

    We visited Unicon 17: The World Unicycling Championships, in Montreal, and entered a parallel universe where unicycle basketball, freestyle uncyclers, and a staggering amount of incredible costumes reign supreme.

  • Racist Signs Are Popping Up All Over Saguenay, Quebec

    Controversial anti-Semitic and Islamophobic stickers began appearing in Saguenay, Quebec, last week. The xenophobia and racism was ratcheted up yet another level when signs stating “Ville Saguenay, Ville Blanche” (Saguenay, a white town) started...

  • This Model Has Buzzwords Tattooed All over His Body

    Vin Los is a 24-year-old Montreal model who has covered his face and body in tattoos that look like they're written in Sharpie. We talked to him about whether or not he realizes those face tattoos are forever.

  • Titcoin Is a Brand New Cryptocurrency for Porn Purchases

    We spoke to the guys behind the world's newest breast-related cryptocurrency, Titcoin, and discussed why titcoins are the tits.