• Where's the Wearable Tech That's Fashionable Enough to Wear?

    Most wearable tech just looks like flashing Christmas lights attached to bodysuits.

  • How to Dress for Getting Electrocuted

    Anouk Wipprecht makes clothes that can paint themselves, whip up cocktails, and defend your personal space.

  • Victoria's Cosplay Secret

    Particularly geeky fans of the annual smorgasbord of impossibly-proportioned Eastern bloc women in skimpy underwear were surprised a couple of weeks back when Jourdan Dunn, a Victoria's Secret model, was photographed strutting down the runway in what...

  • NASA's New Exoskeleton Helps Paraplegics Walk

    When NASA isn't landing explorer robots on Mars or executing elaborate retirements for old space shuttles through the streets of L.A., the space agency is hard at work on technology that could lift paraplegics out of their wheelchairs and get them...

  • Is This Lab-Grown Leather Vegan?

    As you probably learned in college when you started wearing Doc Martin boots and smoking Marlboro Reds, leather jackets are expensive. That's because leather is expensive, and as cows continue to belch greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and require...

  • In An Attempt to Cash In On Instagram, Getty Is Turning Photojournalism Lo-Fi

    Beyond his awesome body of work, one of my favorite things about acclaimed Brooklyn street photographer "Jamel Shabazz": are old photos of him cruising around with a plethora of camera gear. He wasn't quite Dennis Hopper in...