The Sushi Chef Season 1

  • The Sushi Chef: Culichi Town

    From deep-fried crab and shrimp rolls to a live Norteño band to cream cheese everything, LA's Culichi Town is definitely not your typical sushi restaurant.

  • The Sushi Chef: Shinichi Inoue

    Shinichi Inoue trained in Japan as a sushi chef before he landed in Harlem, where he puts his all into each and every piece he serves his customers.

  • The Sushi Chef: Daisuke Nakazawa

    Daisuke Nakazawa took the skills he learned as an apprentice at Sukibayashi Jiro (of 'Jiro Dream of Sushi' fame) and opened the acclaimed NYC sushi spot, Sushi Nakazawa.

  • The Sushi Chef: Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau

    Nick Kim and Jimmy Lau are the masterminds behind NYC’s Shuko, a restaurant that plays with the traditional understanding and boundaries of what constitutes Japanese dining.

  • The Sushi Chef: John Daley

    After working at Masa and 15 East and training in Japan, John Daley has crafted a dining experience at New York Sushi Ko that is both intimate and unique.

  • The Sushi Chef: Yoya Takahashi

    Yoya Takahashi takes his edible art very seriously, but that hasn’t stopped him from experimenting with nontraditional ingredients—fish sperm sushi, anyone?