Turkish food

  • This Turkish Winter Drink May Be the Original Booze

    Boza is a sweet and sour fermented Turkish winter drink with a pudding consistency and just the barest hint of alcohol.

  • Istanbul's Breakfast Heaven Is a Kurdish Feast

    At Istanbul's Van Kahvalti Evi, customers line up for its Kurdish breakfast of salty white cheeses, fried eggs, pepper paste, honey, clotted cream, tahini and molasses, and even a small dish of Nutella. It's basically heaven.

  • Lahmacun Is Turkey’s Answer to Thin and Crispy Pizza

    Despite being a staple of Turkish cuisine, few of London kebab shops choose to advertise lahmacun, a flatbread smeared with minced lamb, tomatoes, Aleppo pepper, onions, and parsley.

  • Turkish Testicles Aren't a Load of Bollocks

    I went in search of something a little unknown to the standard London palate: koç yumurtası, or Turkish lamb’s testicles. You'd better believe that these were some creamily flavourful balls.

  • How to Cook Dinner for 20,000 Syrian Refugees

    The Bab Al-Salama IDP camp on the border of Turkey is home to thousands of Syrians displaced by the civil war that continues to rage in their homeland. Each day, the kitchen staff there make use of what limited resources are available to feed the...