• These Nomadic Winemakers Are Taking Over Europe’s Vineyards

    London-based wine collective Birds and Bats beg, borrow, and (not quite) steal other winemakers’ grapes from vineyards across Europe to turn into their “Wines of Momentary Origin” or “WMDs.”

  • This Surfer-Winemaker Harvests Grapes and Hangs Ten

    “Both surfing and winemaking connect your senses a lot so there are certain similarities,” says Jean-Charles Villard, a winemaker and surfer whose 40-hectare Chilean winery produces acclaimed Pinot Noir and Syrah.

  • Slovenia Is Too Shy to Tell You How Great Its Wine Is

    “If this were the US, maybe there’d be a Disneyland-style theme park built to the wine here but we’re shyer people,” says Robert Gorjak, one of Slovenia’s 10,000 little known winemakers and sellers.

  • MUNCHIES Presents: Steven Spurrier

    Steven Spurrier, possibly the single most influential living figure in the world of wine takes us on a whirlwind wine tour from his personal cellar to a tasting of Spain’s greatest wine to the Dorset vineyard where he’s making English bubbly that...

  • A Bottle of Wine Changed My Life

    The bottle was ten years old and mind-boggling upon taste. It was a life-changing moment that influenced me to set out on a quest to understand more about wine. What has resulted is an entire career path and a lot of trips to Burgundy.