Volume 19 Issue 13

  • What’s It Like Pulling Refugees Out of Australian Waters?

    Australia has to deal with thousands of illegal immigrants sneaking through its borders each year. We spoke to a patrol-boat sailor to find out what it’s really like out there on the wild sea.

  • Hello, I Am Going to Die Because I Killed People

    A few months ago, a death-row inmate sent our music editor a fan letter. He seems like a nice guy on paper—on the other hand, he did shoot a guy, hack him into pieces, and put them into a suitcase.

  • Broken Hearts, Lost Minds, and Missing Limbs

    I am an American reporter. Aziz and I have worked together in Afghanistan since 2004. On this trip, I am reporting on the consequences of more than 30 years of war by spending time with a handful of its victims.

  • You Will Never Be as Rich as These Pets

    You’re going to die a poor, sad schmuck. But do you know who is rich? Animals! The following pets are all millionaires, and you’re still trying to use that expired student ID to get two bucks off at the movies on Tuesday night.

  • Guilt Trip

    Dr. Brewster, you have a phone call from your mother. She says it's extremely urgent. "Andrew this is your mother. I need you to give me a ride."

  • Beef and Oil

    Yes, that thing that looks like Earth’s gaping, bleeding asshole is a half-mile-by-half-mile runoff pool of cow shit and piss. It’s from Mishka’s new series, which consists of mega-high-resolution composite satellite images of cattle farms and oil...

  • Cowards Are Blackmailing Young Women to Death on the Internet

    The most despicable corners of the internet house a byzantine network devoted to sharing screen-captured images of naked—and often underage—girls. And quite a few of these individuals get off on manipulating, blackmailing, and shaming the young women...

  • Running on Empty

    Mother Nature is one bad bitch who can shake Homo sapiens off her topsoil like a nasty case of dandruff. In recognition of this inevitable outcome, we asked our international offices to find out what resources their countries were running out of the...

  • Guns in the Sun

    There are 270 million legal guns in the US. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of firearms laws, you might say that the situation presents a wicked problem—something that can’t be objectively solved or even described.

  • Diseases Are Smarter Than Our Meds

    Because I’m an obsessive hypochondriac, I had to know more about this impending biological disaster so that I can spend the interim wallowing in the comfort of a constant state of panic. To help me get there, I spoke with Rachel Nugent.

  • How Are We Gonna Die?

    Stuart Armstrong is a research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford, where he’s been on a mission to gauge what sort of doom might befall mankind.

  • The Right to Die Is the Right to Live

    One month before his 18th birthday, my son Wolf was thrilled to receive invitations from galleries in Melbourne and New York City to exhibit his paintings. The bad news is that the showings are scheduled for the summer of 2013. Wolf may not be alive...