weed butter

  • Valentine's Day Is Better with Weed Butter

    My first foray into weed edibles was in seventh grade, but later in life it became a lucrative side business to supplement my full-time gig as a professional baker. As such, I can say that nice weed edibles are the best Valentine's Day gift ever.

  • Chicken Pot-cciatore Recipe

    Hearty chicken cacciatore gets turnt up with onions, cremini mushrooms, black and green olives, a dash of wine, and weed.

  • Are You High? Read Our Best Weed Stories of 2016

    With the herb legalized in certain US states, this year has shown that weed can and should be more than an addition to brownie batter.

  • Gnocchi in Ganja Butter Recipe

    Tender potato gnocchi with weed-infused butter.

  • How-To: Sous Vide Pot Butter

    Everyone knows how to make a basic weed butter recipe. We figured if we're going to make it, we're going to make it as complicated as possible. So why not combine god's gift to OCD, gadget-obsessed home cooks (the sous vide machine) with god's gift to...