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  • US Strike Kills 150 at an al Shabaab Training Camp in Somalia

    It's unclear whether all 150 people killed in the strike — which could be the most lethal on record — were actually al Shabaab militants, as the government was quick to estimate.

  • Al Shabaab Ambushes Kenyan Police Officers Near Somali Border

    There are conflicting reports on the number of police casualties in the attack; militants say they killed 25, the police say zero.

  • Jihad in Kenya

    VICE News headed to Mombasa to speak with Abubaker Shariff Ahmed, the highest-profile radical sheik in Kenya, before he was assassinated in April, and to get an up-close view of those living and dying in the cross hairs of a holy war being fought on...

  • Kenya's Little Mogadishu

    It's common knowledge that the al Shabaab terrorist organization has been running youth recruitment in "Little Mogadishu"—the Eastleigh neighborhood in Nairobi, Kenya—since 2009, which has in turn spiraled the area into a police state where no one...