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3 days ago

Trump Phone Call to Duterte Left White House Staff ‘Genuinely Horrified’

The US President congratulated the Philippine President for an “unbelievable job on the drug problem,” a bloody drug war that has allegedly killed over 20,000 people.

3 days ago

Nearly Half of Individuals Sentenced to Death in Malaysia Are Foreigners

The executive director of Amnesty International Malaysia says foreign women in “these cases were quite obviously of unwitting drug mules.”


We Ask Duterte’s Critics Why He Remains Popular

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has been heavily criticized for a variety of his policies – yet halfway through his term, he remains as popular as ever.


Stoners From Duterte's Philippines Share How They Get Away With It

Under Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine government has waged a bloody war on drugs making it a highly dangerous place for drug users.


Duterte Said “You Must Be Stupid” If You Think He’ll Stand Trial at The Hague for His Drug War

“I am a Filipino. We have our courts here... Shit,” he continued.


Two Directors Tell Us What They Saw While Shadowing Philippine Police During The Drug War

'The police were convinced they were doing the right thing. They have no doubt in their mind that what they are doing is legitimate.'


How One of Mexico's Biggest Cartels Is Trying to Dominate the Country's Wildest West

In a shift in the drug war, Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generation is confronting rivals in southwestern Mexico, and fighting the government.


How the Philippine Drug War Could Kill the Underground Dance Scene

A controversial drug raid leads to the closure of a dance club in Manila, leaving a music subculture lost and scrambling.


Real Mexican Drug Traffickers Find ‘Narcos: Mexico’ Nostalgic and Relatable

“I’m a clown compared to the drug traffickers in the series, but there is some resemblance there—or at least I can see myself in them.”


A Tarantino-Inspired Filipino Filmmaker Takes on Duterte’s ‘Death Squads’

‘Manila Death Squad’ is funny and beautiful—until it gets super dark.