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A Strange Man Saved a Rabbit from the California Wildfires

Video footage captured the guy sprinting to the edge of the Thomas Fire to rescue the critter, which almost hopped right into the flames.

by Drew Schwartz
07 December 2017, 8:11pm

Screengrab via RMG News/YouTube

Help comes in many forms, from chainsaw-wielding nuns to intrepid pizza guys, monster-truck drivers to daring reporters. But like some kind of animal-loving Zorro, the latest bold human to step up when disaster struck is keeping his identity a mystery.

On Wednesday, Los Angeles ABC affiliate KABC unearthed footage of a man rescuing a rabbit from California’s Thomas Fire, which has already torn through more than 90,000 acres in the state. A local reporter caught the moment the man spotted the critter hopping towards the flames near Highway 1, pulled over, and sprang into action.

The footage shows the guy sprinting after the bunny as it darts at a wall of fire and smoke. With his hands on his temples, he jumps and paces frantically, apparently trying to coax the creature toward him. As it nears the highway, where a few cars are seen speeding by, he crouches down and reaches for it, scooping it into his arms and carrying it away.

The man turned down an interview request from the reporter who filmed the rescue, apparently content just to have done the right thing.

What, exactly, happened to this not-so-savage creature after that is impossible to know. But the the wildfires ripping through Southern California are only getting worse. More than 110,000 acres have already been scorched, destroying more than 300 homes, businesses, and other buildings, the New York Times reports. Forecasters say strong winds blowing through the region are going to continue spreading the blaze.

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