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This Heroic Pizza Guy Delivered a Pie to a Stranded Train

"I would do anything to help people out and they were starving."

by Drew Schwartz
May 15 2017, 10:07pm

Photo by Nicolette Grams via Twitter user Mitch Katz

Over the course of nearly two decades, Jim Leary has delivered for pizza joints in 18 states. Each time he gets a call from a hungry customer in a strange locale, he comes through. He's run dough (and sauce and cheese) to campgrounds, ballparks, carnivals, boats, and cars stuck on the highway—and on Sunday, he added broken-down Amtrak trains to the list, the Washington Post reports.

The train in question was headed from Boston to Washington and inexplicably stopped moving outside Wilmington, Delaware, on Sunday afternoon. Some optimistic, hungry soul who was unsure of how long they'd be stuck decided to call for delivery, and hit up Dom's NY Style Pizzeria nearby to see if they'd bring by a few pies right to the train.

"Can we deliver to a stuck train?" Dom's staff asked Leary.

"Oh yeah," Leary said, according to the Post. "We can do it."

Leary tossed the order—one cheese, one pepperoni—into one of those insulated pizza bags and headed out for the stalled train. He pulled up to a house near the tracks, hopped out of his car, went across a creek, and made his way to the customer.

Leary then called out to the hungry customer, who directed him to the right car as passengers cheered.

Leary promptly dropped of the 'za, as well as some paper plates, and walked away with a $32 tip—"easy money," he said. Though sneaking behind a few row houses, stumbling down a bank, hopping over a trash-littered stream, and approaching a stopped train doesn't sound so simple, Leary said he's found himself in sketchier situations.

"I've been robbed and everything else," he told the Post. "I would do anything to help people out and they were starving."

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