Princess Nokia, Kid Antoine and Pageant: This is a Mix by BV

The Sydney threesome released their long-awaited mixtape 'B2V' last week.

Nov 29 2016, 12:03am

Courtesy of the artists

Last week, BV—formally Black Vanilla—released their first record since 2013's BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK; a mixtape titled B2V. Available on Bancamp for a ludicrously cheap eight dollars, the release, which features this year's single "Huh" and standout track "Run," is a murky 8-track thing. Smart, suggestive, defiant.

To celebrate the release of B2V, the Sydney-based trio made a mix for THUMP on FBi Click. Listen to it below, peep the tracklist below that, and buy the mixtape here.


Pageant - "Ahori"

Zuli - "Robotic Handshakes in 4D"

Princess Nokia - "Tomboy"

Dinamarca - "Mobileboy"

24hrs - "Gucci Flame"

BV - "Mouth"

DJ Logic - "Flow Girl"

Kid Antoine - "Dungeon"

Future - "Guap On Me"

DJ Plead - "BMW Aswad"

Thomas William - "Super Clouds"

Уикеда - "А Ние Двамата С Боби Пием Кафе (Ramadanman Refix)"

DJ Logic - "Gold"

Cassius Select - "Definer"

Marcus (not singing) - "Doomboy"

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