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Sorry, Ariana, There’s More to Gay Music Than Pop

Mike Servito and Kim Ann Foxman lead your New York Pride alternatives.

by THUMP Staff
27 June 2015, 1:49am

It's the last weekend in June and that means the last weekend you can (officially) celebrate Pride Month (and there's a lot to celebrate this year). But if you're looking for your official Pride events to provide you with the best music, think again. Pop music of the B-list variety rules official Pride celebrations as a rule. Case in point: earlier this month, Ke$ha headlined the Los Angeles Pride fest in West Hollywood and this weekend, Ariana Grande will do the honors at New York's Pride celebrations. No offense to these ladies, but there's better dancing to be had elsewhere.

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On Saturday, June 27, The Bunker and Wrecked present Honey Soundsystem, The Black Madonna, Mike Servito, and Leisure Muffin at Output. You can enjoy this classic mix from Servito to warm you up (you can even download it):

On Sunday, June 28, weekly summer party Coney Art Walls brings François K and Kim Ann Foxman to Coney Island. You can check out a recent mix from Foxman here to get you pumped:

Tickets to both events are less than the cost of two drinks (and less than the pop show in Manhattan). For Saturday at Output go here. For Sunday at Coney Island go here.

Mike Servito on SoundCloud // Twitter
Kim Ann Foxman on SoundCloud // Twitter

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