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Revealed: Lip Fillers Are Being Offered to Children in the UK

Ninety percent of practitioners in London and Essex aren’t asking children their age before booking them in for lip fillers – and none required a child’s ID for a consultation.
Hannah Ewens
3 hours ago

British Women Can't Let Go of Fleabag

Phoebe-Waller Bridge plays Fleabag on stage, for one final run. We hear from the women clamoring for seats.
Hannah Ewens

The A to Z of Queer Women

If your name is Alex or Sam and you own a strap-on, please proceed. This is the space for you.
Daisy Jones
Hannah Ewens

The Harsh Lessons You Learn Flat-Hunting in Your Late Twenties

Hello, to loss, denial, grief and crucially: realising you’re old, and looking for a new place on your own.
Hannah Ewens
mental health

Every Single Crisis You’ll Have in Your Twenties

That's right, all nine years of existential terror.
Daisy Jones
Hannah Ewens
Women's Healthcare

We’re Finally Starting to Take Women’s Hormones Seriously

A new wave of books about women's bodies looks set to turn 'that time of the month' from a punchline to properly understood reality.
Hannah Ewens

Miley's 'Black Mirror' Episode Is Not That Bad, Come On

Sure, some critics have panned its ending. But season 5's "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too" tells a specific, engaging story about fandom.
Hannah Ewens

We Are Living in the Post-Horny Era

These days, sex and love are nothing more than productivity handicaps.
Hannah Ewens

Just a Few of the Lies Women Have Been Sold

From: you read too much into everything, to: you're definitely getting abducted at some point.
Emma Garland
Lauren O'Neill
Hannah Ewens
Daisy Jones

Music Videos Have Revolutionised Our Views on Sex and Gender

Ryann Donnelly’s first book ‘Justify My Love: Sex, Subversion and Music Video’ is about sex in music videos, as inspired by her life as a musician. We spoke to her about it.
Hannah Ewens
Can This Save Us?

I Tried Alternative Therapies to See If They Could Help Me

In an age of anxiety, wellness trends are booming – could isolation tanks and gong baths hold an answer?
Hannah Ewens
true crime

'Crime Monthly' Magazine Reveals Our Crime Porn Obsession for What It Is

We read the new glossy murder mag.
Hannah Ewens