child porn

Feds Bust One of the Dark Web's Biggest Child Porn Sites Thanks to Tremendously Bad Opsec

The site, "Welcome to Video," hosted 8 terabytes of child porn. More than 337 people have been arrested in 38 countries.
Jason Koebler
4 days ago

Worn-Out Flash Memory Is Suddenly Bricking Tesla Cars

"When this burns out, you wake up to a black screen."
Jason Koebler
5 days ago

It Is Currently Impossible to Exchange Money for an iPhone

The iPhone 11 Pro is sold out in stores all over the country and Apple store workers don't know when they're getting more shipments.
Jason Koebler

Blizzard Doesn't Respect the Human Rights of Its Customers, Major Rights Organization Says

"By penalizing a player for speaking up in support of protesters exercising their right to freedom of expression, Blizzard demonstrates a lack of respect for the human rights of its users."
Jason Koebler

Blizzard Doubles Down, Says It Will Continue to Silence Players on 'Official Channels'

Blizzard will return prize money to Blitzchung but said that his support of Hong Kong protesters was made in a 'divisive' and 'deliberate' way.
Jason Koebler

What's in Trump's Super Classified Server and Why Is He Hiding Things There

Putting a politically-damaging phone call with Ukraine on the "codeword-classified" system is highly inappropriate and would give Trump "maximum control over who sees it."
Jason Koebler
Joseph Cox

Uber Became Big by Ignoring Laws (and It Plans to Keep Doing That)

Uber says it will not comply with AB5, a new California law that would require it to classify drivers as employees.
Edward Ongweso Jr
Jason Koebler

You Don't Need an iPhone 11 Unless Your Current Phone Is Literally Unusable

The practically, morally, and financially responsible thing to do is to use your current phone for as long as possible.
Jason Koebler

US Military Urgently Seeking Enormous Underground Complex for Undisclosed Experiments

DARPA says it needs to find a "complex underground environment spanning several city blocks" within the next 48 hours.
Jason Koebler

Bernie Sanders Promises to Tell Us About Aliens if He's Elected President

On the Joe Rogan Experience, Sanders said that if he learns anything about aliens, he'll announce it to the public on Rogan's podcast.
Jason Koebler

Facebook's New Chatbot Is Unsure if Mark Zuckerberg Is a Murderer

Facebook has rolled out a new chatbot game it wants to use to help it create bots that are indistinguishable from humans.
Jason Koebler
Crisis Actors

Where the ‘Crisis Actor’ Conspiracy Theory Comes From

Every time there's a mass shooting, victims get baselessly accused of being paid actors thanks to these conspiracy theory bloggers.
Jason Koebler