Mystery Seeds

Hundreds of Americans Planted 'Chinese Mystery Seeds'

What I learned by reading thousands of internal emails about the Chinese mystery seeds.
Jason Koebler

USPS Delays 'Far Worse Than We Were Told,' Internal Docs Show

Across the board, “on-time” scores have fallen sharply since early July, the presentations show.
Jason Koebler
Steve Bannon

These Are the Plans and Permits for Steve Bannon's Border Wall

Documents obtained using a public records request shows We Build the Wall's plans. Bannon and his alleged coconspirators were arrested Thursday.
Matthew Gault
Jason Koebler
Right to Repair

Why Repair Techs Are Hacking Ventilators With DIY Dongles From Poland

As COVID-19 surges, hospitals and independent biomedical technicians have turned to a global grey-market for hardware and software to circumvent manufacturer repair locks and keep life-saving ventilators running.
Jason Koebler
Ghislaine Maxwell

Incoherent Conspiracy Suggests Ghislaine Maxwell Is a Powerful Redditor

The baseless "MaxwellHill" conspiracy shows how companies have failed to protect random users who have somehow become the subject of social media frenzies.
Jason Koebler

Silicon Valley Elite Discuss Journalists Having Too Much Power in Private App

In leaked audio from an invite-only app, venture capitalists pondered everything they think is wrong with journalism.
Jason Koebler
Anna Merlan
Joseph Cox

The Great Ban: Reddit Bans 2,000 Communities Including the_donald, ChapoTrapHouse

"Communities and users that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned."
Jason Koebler

Did a Barista Put a Tampon in a Cop's Frappuccino? An Investigation

"LAPD one looks like it was sitting in a coffee cup for a week on someone's dashboard."
Jason Koebler
Tim Marchman
Minnesota Freedom Fund

What Happens When a Small Charity Raises Millions of Dollars Overnight

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has spent just $200k of the $31 million it raised in the aftermath of George Floyd's death. Here's why.
Jason Koebler
Sam Donnenberg
Internet Archive

It’s Time to Archive the Internet Archive

Publishers are suing the Internet Archive for its emergency library, putting the whole project in danger.
Samantha Cole
Jason Koebler

Amazon Puts 1-Year Ban on Police Use of its Biased Facial Recognition Software

"Rekognition" has been shown time and time again to be ineffective and biased. Rather than shelving it altogether, Amazon is putting a one-year moratorium on police use of it.
Jason Koebler
body cameras

The Police Are Gaslighting America

Reformers said body cameras and video evidence would stop police brutality. Instead, we're being told to not believe our own eyes.
Jason Koebler