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Sinaloa Cartel Kingpin’s Son ‘El Mayito Gordo’ Was Just Quietly Extradited to San Diego

Ismael Zambada-Imperial was shipped overnight from Mexico to California to stand trial on federal drug charges.
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CONFIRMED: El Chapo’s Son Captured Amid Gun Fights and Chaos in Sinaloa, Mexico

At least one of the Sinaloa cartel leader’s sons is in Mexican custody amid gun battles on the streets of Culiacán.
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Sinaloa Cartel

A Cartel Kingpin’s Son Just Claimed His Prize for Testifying Against El Chapo

Vicente Zambada, who has admitted to ordering people killed, was sentenced to 15 years and could walk free in under 5.
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These Were El Chapo's Final Words Before Being Shipped Off to Supermax

He used his final 10 minutes to complain about his prison conditions and the U.S. justice system.
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Chapo: Kingpin on Trial

El Chapo Isn't Getting a New Trial

The drug kingpin wanted an investigation into allegations of juror misconduct reported by VICE News.
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El Chapo

The Next Great El Chapo Mystery: How the Hell Did His Family Get U.S. Visas?

The drug kingpin's mother says her family has “humanitarian” visas to visit Chapo in prison. Advocates and federal agents are shocked.
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Chapo: Kingpin on Trial

El Chapo's Lawyers Say They'll Ask for a New Trial due to Juror Misconduct

Citing an exclusive VICE News interview with an anonymous juror, the Sinaloa cartel leader's attorneys say they'll call for the conviction to be overturned.
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Chapo: Kingpin on Trial

Inside El Chapo’s Jury: a Juror Speaks for First Time About Convicting the Kingpin

An anonymous juror describes broken rules, fear, and behind-the-scenes drama at the Sinaloa cartel leader’s trial.
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Chapo: Kingpin on Trial

A key witness against Chapo believes in aliens, the Illuminati, and witchcraft

Alex Cifuentes claimed the drug lord paid the former Mexican president $100 million, but the jury only heard half his story.
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El Chapo Found Guilty, Faces Life in a U.S. Prison

The anonymous jury convicted the kingpin on all 10 counts related to his drug smuggling empire.
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The 10 wildest moments and stories from El Chapo’s trial

A poisoned arepa, a naked escape, and 20 tons of sunken cocaine: the trial's greatest hits.
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El Chapo: Kingpin on Trial

Watch the Raid That Led to El Chapo's Capture

Chapo's mistress said he escaped naked through a tunnel. He was arrested days later.
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