Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings Are My Culture

With every saucy, saturated, ranch-dipped bite, I embrace an act that in the past was used to stereotype and demean Black people such as myself.
Erica Hawkins
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Loiter Around an East London Tube Station With Stinkin Slumrok

The UK MC shares a new video taken from his forthcoming album 'Morrstinkin'.
Noisey Staff
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Domino's Accidentally Delivered a Guy $1,300 Inside a Chicken Wing Box

The man decided to do the right thing and return the money, so now he's got free pizza for a year. But all he really ever wanted were wings.
Mignon Hemsley

Tallywackers Is Like Hooters, but with Dicks

We took a trip to Dallas's new, one-of-a-kind restaurant where scantily clad men serve you more burgers and hot dogs than you can handle.
Vanessa Quilantan

Two DEA Employees Are in Trouble for Allegedly Lying About Running a Strip Club

David Polos and Glen Glover have been accused of hiding their shady side gig during a federal background check.
Mike Pearl
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What Did Competitive Eaters at Philly's Wing Bowl 23 Listen to While They Stuffed Their Faces?

Lots of Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, and Tom Petty, apparently.
Chris Burrell

Those Buffalo Wings from Last Year’s Super Bowl Gave Me an STD

Dear reader, I ate her. She hung out in that unreal zone between crispy skin and moist meat. The burning continued and I didn’t want it stop. I yearned for burn, blew my wad, waded with an orange warrior grimace, into the burn.
Joshua David Stein
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Land of the Free, Home of the Cave

Man caves still exist and civilization is worse off for it. They are the male ethos writ large: no ambitions beyond hiding in a place surrounded by miniscule triumphs and pedestrian hobbies, while females are present only in two dimensions on a...
John Saward