Dumb Shit

Surprise Surprise, Your Ironic Hero Shannon Noll Is a Gronk

The singer went on a vile and misogynistic rant at a show. Are you really that shocked?
Shaad D’Souza

Banksy's Real Identity Might've Been Exposed by Accident

Did Goldie spill the beans on the world's most secretive street artist?
Emerson Rosenthal
Lennox Head Ski Jump

Locals Are Furious About A 35M Tall Ski Jump Planned Near Byron Bay

"We have the biggest fight Lennox Head has ever seen on our hands and we are just going for it. We are not stopping until we see them out of town," says leader of the community opposition, Michelle Shearer.
Jed Smith

The Battle Between YouTube and the Mainstream Media

The revenue of internet stars is being affected by a massive clash of cultures – and it's only going to get more vicious.
Joe Bish
50 states of art

‘Fearless Girl’ Sculptor Says Removing Her Work Would Squash Its Meaning | #50StatesofArt

The bronze is only one of a group of notable public works in Delaware-based artist Kristen Visbal's portfolio.
Mikelle Street
wests tigers

A Brief Update On The Eternal Sh*t Storm That Is The Wests Tigers

As the world now knows, the potentially premiership winning Big Four of James Tedesco, Mitchell Moses, Aaron Woods and Luke Brooks is no longer. The death of this dream might be too much for Tigers' fans.
Jed Smith

The World's "Mattest, Flattest Black" Acrylic Paint Is Available to All—Except Anish Kapoor

Artist Stuart Semple responds to Vantablack 2.0 with Black 2.0, making it available to anyone who wants it. Anyone, of course, but Anish Kapoor.
Kevin Holmes

​One Week In And The Hayne Plane Is Already In Flames

Fresh back from the U S of A ("baby"), big money Hayne has run afoul of Neil Henry's socialist rugby league republic on the Gold Coast.
Jed Smith
Noisey Guide To

The Guide to Getting Into Prince

Prince's music is all on streaming services now, but there's so much genius it's hard to know where to begin. Here are five sides of Prince to explore.
VICE Staff

The Best Novelty Fight Night You’ll See This Month: Junior Paulo vs Paul Gallen

Whoever came up with the idea of getting Junior Paulo and Paul Gallen in the ring together needs a serious pat on the back.
Jed Smith

You Can See The Stink Lines Coming Off Australian Cricket Right Now

After another humiliating loss, the Australian cricket team is facing its worst start to a summer in 130 years.
James Pavey

Marina Abramović Still Doesn’t Give a Fuck

Nearing 70, the artist who built a career off of subversive performance is still pushing boundaries, causing controversies, and influencing the youth.
James Yeh