11 Young Climate Justice Activists You Need to Pay Attention To

They are Indigenous or people of color and they're all under 30.


The Climate Is At a Tipping Point. We Need Stories From the Front Lines

The people affected first and worst by the climate crisis are often the least likely to have their stories told. With your help, Tipping Point aims to change that.


More People Are Falling Through the Arctic's Melting Ice Never to Be Seen Again

Five people in Alaska alone have slipped through the ice this year, spurring hunters to ditch snowmobiles for dog sleds.


The Environmental Movement Needs to Reckon with Its Racist History

Because racism in environmentalism hasn’t gone away, and it’s holding the movement back.


The Amazon Rainforest Was Once a Human Success Story. It Could Be Again

For millennia, Indigenous practices have enhanced the biodiversity, fertility, and carbon-sucking powers of the most biodiverse region on land.


This Photographer Captures the Last Living Tribes of India

The Adivasis, or the indigenous people of India, make up 8.6 percent of the country’s population and are largely forgotten by the media and society.


Indigenous Clothing Label Threatened With Legal Action for Using Aboriginal Flag

The label has been served a cease and desist by WAM Clothing: a non-Indigenous business that owns the exclusive worldwide copyrights to the design.


The Climate Crisis Likely Caused Mass Die-Off of Puffins

As many as 8,800 birds died over the course of a few months in 2016 due to a severe food shortage.


1 Million Species Are Threatened with Extinction Thanks to Humans, UN Report Says

A comprehensive United Nations report compiled by more than 450 researchers warns of a dire future for both humans and nature if business continues as usual.


Mojo JuJu Is Searching for the Identity Her Family Weren’t Allowed to Embrace

On the latest episode of the Anxiety Hour, the musician describes how her parents' experiences of race and identity in Australia gave her a sense of hereditary disconnection—something music helps her to overcome.


An NT Bar Owner Is Facing Backlash for Trying to Enforce a ‘No Blacks’ Rule

At least 15 staff quit the Darwin establishment last week, as the owner faces additional allegations that he owes more than $10,000 in unpaid wages.


What Canada’s Military Looks Like at the Arctic Front

Acclaimed photographer Philip Cheung’s new series looks at what Canadian soldiers are doing post-Afghanistan.