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Meeting the Future Suicide Bombers of the al-Nusra Front

We spoke to Paul Refsdal about his new film 'Dugma: The Button', in which he shadows a group of Jabhat al-Nusra fighters who have added their names to the "martyr list."
David Hillier

The Social Media Updates of British Jihadists in Syria Just Got a Lot More Distressing

The last time VICE checked in on British jihadists in Syria, their war seemed, in many ways, more like some college kids' spring break than a brutal civil conflict. Fighters posted snaps of themselves messing around in swimming pools, hoarding Easter...
Aris Roussinos

Iraq's Kurdish Refugees Celebrate International Women's Day

"Today, we get appreciation. We get appreciation from all the men and the children. They say women are 50 percent of society, but I don’t believe that. A woman is all of society. We are 100 percent of it. Who else raises kids? Women are the ones who...
James Haines-Young and Maya Gebeily

Syria's Christian Minority Are Fighting Back

It’s really a neighborhood watch, albeit with arrest powers and automatic weapons. Its members patrol towns and cities where people—mostly Kurds, but also Christians and Sunni Arabs—are locked in a brutal struggle against Islamist militants.
Balint Szlanko

Syria: al Qaeda's New Home

One VICE filmmaker managed to secure unprecedented access to both al Qaeda factions battling Syria's government forces, despite of the risk of journalists being kidnapped. This is a remarkable portrait of the foreign volunteers and local Syrians...

Syria's Revolutionaries Are Fighting Back Against Foreign Jihadists

It started with a Facebook post in February 2011. “Together for a Day of Rage in Syria to end the state of emergency in Syria and end corruption." One revolution, two bloody years, and 11 dark months later, came more Facebook posts—this time calling...
Jane Burgess

How Jihadists Are Blackmailing, Torturing, and Killing Gay Syrians

There have been numerous eyewitness reports and video evidence of medieval-style punishments and brutal executions being meted out by the Islamists on members of minority religious groups, secularists, and people accused of blasphemy.
Hannah Lucinda Smith

British Nationals Fight with al Qaeda in Syria

Yesterday, the Director-General of the UK’s intelligence service MI5 announced that hundreds of British Muslims have traveled to Syria to take part in "terrorist tourism." Here is exclusive video footage and interviews with the British nationals...
Medyan Dairieh

More and More Journalists Are Being Kidnapped in Syria

Journalists who are justifiably worried about being kidnapped by the rebels or the regime are being forced to reconsider the way they cover the ongoing civil war, even as they feel a duty to continue reporting on it.
Emma Beals

I Ate Ice Cream with a Member of al Qaeda in Syria

A week ago, I got a call from one of my contacts to say that an al Qaeda fighter in Syria was willing to give me—a Western, female journalist—an interview. There were conditions: we would do the interview in a secret location, I would wear a headscarf...
Hannah Lucinda Smith

Chatting About 'Game of Thrones' with Syria's Most Feared Islamic Militants

“Watch out, we’re terrorists!” his colleague, a lanky Emirati with facial hair reminiscent of Orlando Bloom chimed in, before he started laughing, too. The Emirati then excitedly asked me what part of New York City I was from. “Oh, Brooklyn? Yeah, I...
Danny Gold, Photos: Danny Gold and Benjamin Hiller