The High Life

This Is Why Weed Makes Some People Anxious

It’s a cruel irony that the very people who could benefit from weed’s relaxing effects are often the ones who don’t feel them.
Suzannah Weiss

The Battle for Legal Medical Marijuana Hits Malaysia

A landmark decision legalizing medical weed in Thailand has some other countries questioning whether they should follow suit.
VICE Staff

A Family Birthday Descended into Chaos After Someone Put Weed in the Cake

Several party guests greened out, vomited, and had to be sent to hospital. Two of them were in their 80s.
Gavin Butler

Dan Bilzerian's Weed Company Is Keeping Sexist Cannabis Ads Alive

Women in the industry aren't happy about the overly sexualized billboards from Ignite, which they say don't reflect where cannabis culture is heading.
Hayley Fox
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How Long Can Weed Show Up in a Drug Test?

A study on some of the world's heaviest smokers may give us a better understanding of how long marijuana can be detected in urine samples.
Nick Keppler
This Week in Science

This Is Why You Can't Tickle Yourself

"It actually feels better when someone else is touching you."
Shayla Love
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A Weed Company Is Giving Government Workers Free Bud During the Shutdown is donating medical marijuana to federal employees in need.
River Donaghey
News of Zealand

A New Zealand Company Is Now Allowed to Grow High-THC Weed

Hikurangi Enterprises will grow some of the strongest strains ever legally imported into the country.
Zoe Madden-Smith

A New Legalization Law Could Make Thai Weed Great Again

Thailand was once home to the world's smoothest and most potent marijuana.
Nisa Kreems

US Teens are Vaping More Than Ever, but Using Other Drugs Way Less

Of high school seniors, 37.3 percent reported that they had vaped in the last year — a near 10 percent jump from last year’s survey by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Rex Santus
News of Zealand

New Zealand to Hold Recreational Cannabis Referendum at the 2020 Election

Justice Minister Andrew Little said they still need to figure out exactly what the big question will be, but that the referendum will be binding.
Zoe Madden-Smith
News of Zealand

New Zealand Finally Passes its Medicinal Cannabis Bill

But the opposition National Party calls the new law “lazy and dangerous”.
Zoe Madden-Smith