Nazi memorabilia


Massive Nazi Artifact Stash Found in Secret Room in Argentina

Authorities believe all 75 pieces may have entered the country with top Third Reich leaders fleeing prosecution after WWII.


A Catholic Priest Snorted Cocaine Surrounded by Nazi Memorabilia While on Camera

The 37-year old priest said that he collects "historical stuff" and doesn't have a drug problem: "It was just the one night and that was it."


My Obsession with Collecting Nazi Junk at German Flea Markets

Postcards adorned with swastikas, photos of Nazi officers, Third Reich medals of honor—for me, these items are dark, disturbing, mysterious, haunting, and impossible to ignore.


Talking with Artist Sue Webster About Her Cookbook Written Using a Nazi Typewriter

The artist known for giant dildo sculptures recently created "The Folly Acres Cookbook," which includes your average carrot cake recipe but also meals that incorporate roadkill.