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Photos of Life in 'Portugal's Toughest Neighbourhood'

Photographer José Ferreira's new project captures a marginalised community as it's torn down.


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Intendente is one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in Lisbon. But far away from the tourists, another reality exists.


Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Medium

"After the spirit left my body, my tutor told me that the spirit was Albert Einstein himself and that he had spoken through me for seven to ten minutes straight."


How Survivors of Portugal's Deadliest Fire in Decades Saw Their Lives Turn to Ash

Dozens of people died in a fire that lasted for five days and destroyed an area the size of 30,000 football pitches.


Photos of Portuguese Fans Celebrating Monday's Euro 2016 Win

They prayed, they cried and they screamed on Terreiro do Paço square in Lisbon.


Iceland <3 Football

In the back of gardens, next to frozen lakes or at the foot or scary, icy mountains – the Nordic island country is covered with goal posts.


The Uglier Side of Portugal's Dreamy Beaches

Photographer Diogo Andrade documented what happens to summer dream destinations when you build first and think later.