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Australia Today

This Tropical Island Could Be Yours for the Price of a Sydney Terrace

What would you rather: a private island or a one-bedroom shoebox in Sydney's inner west?
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

Stupid House Prices Are Forcing Baby Boomers to Move Back in With Their Kids

In this market, no one wins.
Gavin Butler
contemporary art

Making Art From the Decaying Suburban Dream

Australian artist Ian Strange photographs the foreclosed homes of Ohio's Rust Belt.
Patrick Marlborough

The Final Days of Auckland's Inner-City Slum

Grey Lynn's last holdout against gentrification is for sale. VICE went inside to meet the residents of the notorious boarding house.
James Borrowdale
The VICE Guide to Right Now

It's Official: New Zealand House Prices Have Blown Up Faster Than Anywhere in the World

Have a million dollars? Oh, you do then? Ok, you can have a house.
Katherine Gillespie
The VICE Guide to Australian Dollars

This QLD Politician Lives in an Illegal Sharehouse to Make a Point About Housing Prices

Jonathan Sri talked to us about fielding outrage from Brisbane's Lord Mayor, and facing eviction for his living arrangements.
Katherine Gillespie

A Financial Planner Told Me I Can't Afford a Single House in Melbourne or Sydney

"We call it the generation squeeze. Thirty years ago someone your age could actually buy a nice house in a reasonable suburb on one income."
Katherine Gillespie

How I've Hot Bedded My Way Through Auckland's Housing Crisis

In five weeks I've crashed at nine houses in nine suburbs, cementing my position as a victim of Auckland's superheated housing market.
Beatrice Hazlehurst

How Much Does a Gruesome Murder Affect the Price of a House?

Probably says a lot about London's property bubble that the house where Dennis Nilsen boiled the heads of his murder victims is only a bit below market value.
Rhiannon Evans