• 4.28.14

      I Got 90 Days in the Hole for Buying Souls in Prison

      There are many things you can do wrong in prison, mostly of the violent sort, but you can also commit metaphysical crimes and end up in solitary confinement.

    • 7.24.13

      The Emptiest Souls I Saw at Pitchfork Fest 2013

      One of the best parts of the Pitchfork Music Festival is that it creates a safe space in which you can discard all of your self-respect and be an insufferable shithead for three days straight without worrying too much about being judged. One of the worst

    • 7.24.12

      What Kids Say About Souls

      "Mine looks sort of like me—my size and shape—but blue and clear and it smells like radishes."

    • 5.1.06

      Vice Comics

      Ursula believes in the congeniality of souls. Which could be the pet she will choose?

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