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How Consumerism Devoured The Workin’ Man Blues

How did the genre transform from working class catharsis to an corporate marketing campaign for a certain version of the American dream?
Amy McCarthy
Noisey News

Sturgill Simpson Is Not Happy With the Way Nashville Is Remembering Merle Haggard

The statement, posted in response to the news that the ACM will honor the “Okie from Muskogee” singer at this year’s award show, addresses the bullshit way Haggard was treated in Nashville.
Annalise Domenighini
Objectively Correct Lists

26 Extremely Dope Overlooked Albums of 2016 (So Far)

There's more to life than Kanye West, or Drake, or even—hear us out—Beyoncé. This has been a year of great music, and some extremely dope albums have slipped under the radar.
Noisey Staff
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Watch Sturgill Simpson's Sad, Shipwrecked "Breakers Roar" Video

The former Navy man warns his son of the lonesome emptiness of the open sea.
Craig Jenkins
Festivals 2015

Ten Things I Learned at Farmborough, New York City's First Country Music Festival

Kim Kelly
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Why Do People Keep Calling Sturgill Simpson the Savior of Country Music?

We saw the potential bridge between Waylon Jennings and the year 2015 live in concert to determine if the hype is real.
Andrew Winistorfer
2014 in Review

Looking Back on the Year in Party Country, in Which Country Music Didn't Die

This year the conversation in country went from griping about bro country to contemplating the deterioration of the genre—maybe that was an overreaction.
Jessica Ogilvie
2014 in Review

20 Surprisingly Sweet Music Videos of 2014

From Florida Georgia Line to Nicki Minaj, these are the videos that didn't suck this year.
Brandon Soderberg
2014 in Review

Folkadelphia's Fred Knittel Runs Down the Top Ten Americana Releases of 2014

Featuring Sturgill Simpson, Lydia Loveless, Dom Flemons, and more.
2014 in Review

Noisey's Best and Worst of 2014 - Kim Kelly

A little bit country, a little bit rock'n'roll, and a little bit gothic death industrial.
Kim Kelly