The YouTubers Union Is Not Messing Around

The YouTubers Union has joined forces with Europe's largest trade union to fight for a fairer platform.


Foodora Is Leaving Australia In a Shadow of Employee and Union Complaints

“Foodora would rather pull out of Australia and leave thousands of riders without work rather than pay them the millions of dollars they owe."


More Australian Cricketers Are Lining Up To Stick It To The Man

Australian wicketkeeper, Mathew Wade, is the latest to pledge his solidarity with the union.


Tesla Employee Describes Unsafe Work Conditions in Call For Union

Elon Musk is fighting back in the press.


The New Fighters Association Is Not, Repeat Not, a Union

Faced with an incoming Republican administration, UFC labor agitators settle for what they can get.


Bill to Expand the Muhammad Ali Act to Include MMA Is Now in the U.S. Congress

If passed, the amendment could lead to the unionization of MMA fighters.


Super Rugby Round 12: The Great South Island Derby and Andrew Mehrtens Pulling the Finger

Kiwi teams continue to prop up the likely finalists list, with the Aussie teams – in particular – underwhelming this year. Six rounds left to get your A into G, lads.


Panhandlers in Windsor, Canada Have Unionized

They want 'rights everyone else has,' like sitting down in peace. Fair enough.


Britain's 'Sharing Economy' Is Creating a Desperate Servant Underclass

The "future of work" is a rip-off for workers who live in constant fear for their jobs.


Oil-Refinery Workers in Texas Picketed for Their Lives

On February 1, 2015, one minute after midnight, 3,800 workers walked off the job at nine oil refineries around the country, claiming that they were working under unsafe conditions.


Harald Hauswald's Photos Shaped Our Generation's Perception of East Germany

We spoke with him about state-sponsored hooligans and smuggling rolls of films from the West to the East.


The Government Is Really Hating On Australian Unions

They've survived wharfies, WorkChoices, and maybe even Craig Thomson, but will they survive the government’s latest corruption inquiry?