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Touch Sensitive and EGO Use Your Instagram To Make Tracks

Submit your favorite sounds to take part in a cool audiovisual experiment from Down Under.

by THUMP Staff
Nov 6 2013, 9:25pm

Sydney, Australia's pizza-loving disco-house enthusiast Michael Di Francesco (AKA Touch Sensitive) is working with visual artist/VJ EGO to create a multisensory performance piece out of videos sent in by Instagram users. Fans from around thee World Wide Web are submitting videos of unique sounds being made—from jets taking off to their dog's yowl to the sound of spraycans. Touch and Ego are sifting through them to find the best ones and using them to construct all the elements of the track, from kick through melodics, while EGO creates some super-sweet visuals out of the moving images.

The whole thing will culminate in a performance at a banging one-off event in Melbourne. But even if you can't make it all the way there, you can still participate until November 15. Submit an Instagram video and tag it #VJUKE and you might see the sounds of your booty clap reverberating throughout the Southern hemisphere... Or not.

For more on this project, follow @touchsensitive and @VJUKE on Twitter and Instagram and stay tuned for the final thing.

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