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Zomby's Turned in a Raucous, Rave-Ready Remix of Olsson's "One in a Million"

The mysterious masked man's turned in a piano-heavy slice of retrofuturist warehouse music.

by THUMP Staff
Mar 23 2017, 3:19pm

This is Olsson!

This post ran originally on THUMP UK.

If I were to blame Zomby for anything, it'd be for inspiring a generation of young men to get really high and don severe fades regardless of how well suited their skulls were to that particular hairstyle. When hundreds of thousands of young men break out of their cryogenic chambers in decades to come, they'll uniformly emit a animal howl as they think back to the hair-cut they posted on Instagram in 2015 with the caption, "the barber niced up the fade chyyyyyz!"

But hey, Zomby's also made some incredible music over the years so we can forgive him for the fade thing. And in an act of pure and selfless forgiveness, we're premiering this fantastically breaksy, piano-heavy remix of "One in a Million" by Swedish artist Olsson. Olsson, who has worked with the likes of Charlie XCX before, has a new album on the way, which is great news for all you Swedish electro-pop fans out there

I mean, it sort of sounds a bit like someone's taken a rave rip from YouTube and played a vocal over it, but what's wrong with a bit of cut and paste magic now and then? Life isn't perfect, life doesn't fit together seamlessly, life isn't as smooth as expensive moisturizer—so why should art be?

Check out Zomby's rough and ready remix below.

Olsson's new album Millions is out on the 12th of May via Universal.

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