Here Are All the Canadian Women Worthy of Being on the New Banknotes

Sorry Tonya Harding.

by Lisa Power
Nov 26 2016, 4:08pm

Recently the Bank of Canada released a short list of women eligible to be featured on the 2018 series of banknotes. The list included "two activists, a poet, an engineer and an athlete," meaning that many celebrities, writers, musicians and disgraced figure skaters will not be making the cut.

Instead, we thought about what it might look like to have some unexpected female Canadian figures on our dough:

Shania Twain

Regal af.

Sook Yin Lee

Eden Robinson

Sarah McLaughlan


Margaret Atwood

Literally no difference.

Tanya Tagaq

k.d. lang

Arguably has done more for queer Canadians than any politician.


Celine Dion

National treasure.

Chad Kroeger

Because it's 2016.

The Bank of Canada will be announcing the new notes on December 8. Our money's on Chad.

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