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Joey Gallo Celebrates Home Run by Giving Teammate a Nut Shot

Joey Gallo celebrated a home run against the twins by tapping Hanser Alberto in the nuts. Alberto didn't even seem to mind, either.

by Sean Newell
Jun 15 2015, 2:45pm

Professional athletes have all kinds of wacky ways to get through the work day because working can get boring and lame, even when your job description is something awesome like "play sports for money." Take baseball players: they throw seeds at teammates being interviewed during games, they try to light their teammates on fire and laugh at them for not noticing, and they create increasingly complicated handshakes that now include tapping each other in the nuts, apparently.

Joey Gallo hit a home run off Phil Hughes in the second inning today and as he approached the dugout, the first person he met was Hanser Alberto. The two men appear to have a choreographed handshake that involves Gallo tapping Alberto's testicles. We say choreographed because Alberto does not seem to be phased by what would ordinarily be unwanted strike to a fairly sensitive area. It may have even be simultaneous nut shots, but it's too hard to see from this angle. Regardless, Alberto just continued with the celebration and gave Gallo a pat on the ass as he went into the dugout.

h/t @JeffPassan


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