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Some Dickhead Vandalised Norway's Penis Rock

Crowdfunders want you to donate some kroner to save the boner.

by Katherine Gillespie
Jun 26 2017, 7:29pm

Foto via Trollpikkens Facebooksida

Norway is known for many things—none of them coming to mind right now—but perhaps most of all its magnificent rock formations that look great on Instagram. Unfortunately, one of the country's most beloved photo ops, the rock hard Trollpikken—literally "Troll Cock"—met a sad demise over the weekend when an unknown vandal (probably an Australian tourist, let's be honest) severed it Lorena Bobbit-style.

The penis-shaped rock, located on a popular jogging and hiking route near the southwestern coastal town of Egersund, now lies dejectedly on the ground. But activists are doing their best to save it, organising a crowdfunding campaign which has so far amassed almost 200, 000 Norwegian krone—around $23, 666 USD.

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Almost 900 people have donated to the crowdfunding campaign so far, with lead campaigner Kjetil Bentsen telling Norwegian broadcaster NRK that he has full confidence the rock will "be rebuilt". Local activists believe that the Trollpikken can and will be somehow re-attached, and hope that it will one day reach the same level of Facebook profile photo notoriety as competing tourist attraction Trolltunga—"Troll's Tongue"— in Norway's picturesque Skjeggedal Valley.

Scandinavia's tourist attractions are under threat right now, as millions of tourists flock to the region to revel in its natural beauty. Just last week, some tourist bro carved the words "SEND NUDES" into a well-known mossy hill that has become a popular hiking destination near Nesjavallaleið in South Iceland. In fact, Iceland is so worried about the impact of a recent tourism influx on its fragile eco-systems that it is considering implementing a tourist tax to discourage people from coming.

The Norwegian tourist board publicly ruled out implementing a tourist tax back in March. It now remains to be seen whether the Trollpikken tragedy will change minds.

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