There’s No ‘Correct’ Way to Moderate the Nancy Pelosi Video

When Facebook announced it wouldn’t take down an altered viral video of Nancy Pelosi, experts disagreed as to whether or not the platform made the right call. But there may not be a right call.
Caroline Haskins

YouTube Is Ending the Era of the Subscriber Count Beef

Live subscriber count tools like the one offered by Social Blade will be impossible starting in August, when YouTube plans on abbreviating public-facing subscriber counts.
Caroline Haskins

Hackers Breach Company That Makes License Plate Readers for U.S. Government

The hacker known as "Boris Bullet-Dodger" has published what appears to be internal data belonging to Perceptics, which provides license plate reader technology for the Mexico border.
Joseph Cox
Caroline Haskins
Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai
grumpy cat

Garfield's Lament: Grumpy Cat Was a Meme Born Dead

Garfield and Grumpy Cat are selling the same joke. So why do they have completely different digital lives?
Caroline Haskins
climate change

Framing Climate Change as a 'National Security Threat' Is Dangerous

Understanding climate change as a national security threat putting “military readiness” at risk postures refugees as a threat and the U.S. military as threatened.
Caroline Haskins

Thousands of Facebook Groups Go Secret in Fear of the Great 'Zuccing'

Mass panic is the reason all of your Facebook groups just went secret.
Jason Koebler
Caroline Haskins

Jeff Bezos Is a Post-Earth Capitalist

Bezos admits that the limitless growth that made him the world's richest man is incompatible with a habitable Earth.
Caroline Haskins

Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition Violates Kids' Rights, Civil Rights Groups Say

Twenty-one groups and coalitions filed a complaint with the FTC alleging that Amazon breaks the law and violates kids’ privacy rights with the Echo Dot Kids Edition.
Caroline Haskins

AirPods Are a Tragedy

Apple claims that AirPods are building a “wireless future.” Lay people think they're a symbol of disposable wealth. The truth is bleaker.
Caroline Haskins

Google Workers Sit-In to Protest Alleged Retaliation Against Women Who Report Sexual Harassment

The organizers say they've been retaliated against, six months after a massive, worldwide walkout.
Caroline Haskins
ETA - Created with GEICO

We Rode in the Automated Boats That Could Revolutionize Shipping

Autonomous "roboats" will be able to avoid collisions and find new, more efficient routes through the high seas.
Caroline Haskins