Watching Ourselves

How Ring Transmits Fear to American Suburbs

Why do we surveil ourselves?
Caroline Haskins
Watching Ourselves

‘FUCK CRIME:’ Inside Ring’s Quest to Become Law Enforcement’s Best Friend

Amazon's surveillance company has seeped into hundreds of American communities by throwing parties for police and giving them free devices.
Caroline Haskins
Watching Ourselves

How Ring Went From ‘Shark Tank’ Reject to America’s Scariest Surveillance Company

Amazon's Ring started from humble roots as a smart doorbell company called "DoorBot." Now it's surveilling the suburbs and partnering with police.
Caroline Haskins

The Best TikToks of the Week According to Me

I spend a troubling amount of time on the wildly-popular video app, TikTok. The least I can do is round up the best videos I saw this week.
Caroline Haskins

Tech Companies Didn’t Plan for Chinese Censorship

Tech companies are censoring information about the demonstrations in Hong Kong. Civil liberties experts say this is symptomatic of larger problems.
Caroline Haskins

TikTok, the App Without Time, Is Testing a Timestamp Feature

TikTok, the explosively popular video app, is testing a time stamp feature in the “Following” tab of select users.
Caroline Haskins
climate change

Climate Change Could Erase Human History. These Archivists Are Trying to Save It

Climate change making the word hotter, more humid, and more stormy—all conditions that put sensitive paper archives at risk. This problem is forcing us to ask, which histories will we choose to remember?
Caroline Haskins

Drivers Keep Falling Asleep in Moving Teslas

Footage shared on Twitter Sunday shows a driver and a passenger asleep in what appears to be a Tesla Model S.
Caroline Haskins

Review: Three Different Pairs of $30 Counterfeit AirPods

If AirPods are the crude results of capitalism's machinery, then what do counterfeit AirPods say about us?
Jason Koebler
Caroline Haskins

Ring Says It’s Partnered With 405 Police Departments, Here’s What We Still Don’t Know

Ring said in a blog post that it’s partnered with 405 law enforcement agencies, after months of refusing to disclose this information to reporters. We still have a lot of questions.
Caroline Haskins
machine learning

This AI Gives Emojis Real Faces and the Results Are Horrifying

If you train a machine learning tool to find human features in emojis, the results are not pretty.
Caroline Haskins

Clueless Celebrities Are Making an Instagram Hoax Go Viral

Countless users are sharing a version of an Instagram post that falsely claims the platform will “disclose" after an unspecified time “tomorrow.”
Caroline Haskins